Monkey Town


Ready, set, GO! Laser gaming with your friends in our Laser Jungle !! That makes your visit even more fun! Step into the dark arena with your friends, which is illuminated by real disco lighting and spots. Together with your team you try to take out the other team. How do you do that? Armed with a laser gun, you sneak past the obstacles and aim the laser gun at your opponents. Did you and your team eliminate the other team within the time of approximately 10 minutes and thus achieve the most points? Congratulations you have won !!

For children from 6 years and up. Get your ticket at the bar or register.

It's possible as add-on with your children's party (see step 3 during the reservation proces)

Why Monkey Town is the best playground
  • open 7 days per week
  • free entrance for parents and adult supervision
  • Special toddler morning, entrance fee € 4,95 (conditions apply)
  • Free parking
  • Free Wifi
  • Cool dance floor
  • A train, for all children up to 5 years, rides 3 timer per day
New activities

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We'll promote our activities every month.

Book extras at children's parties
  • Muffins/donuts/decorate wafels
  • Party cake
  • Laser games
  • Table decorating with Oehlie
  • Cool Oehlie cup
  • Oehlie frisbee
  • Oehlie button
  • Oehlie candy bag
  • Healthy snacks
Monkey town socks

Don't forget to bring your socks when you come and play. For hygenic purposes it's now allowed to play barefooted. Also, don't use any of the slides with your bare feet. We don't want you to come to a sudden stop because of your bare feet while sliding. When the weather is nice, please be sure to wear longer short so you won't get any blisters. Safety first at Monkey Town!

Forgot to bring your socks? No problem! We sell socks at a reasonable price at the register.

Children's parties

What better place to hold a children's party then Monkey Town? Playing with your friends all day long. Climbing, jumping around and enjoy all those delicious snacks! We've got some special arrangements for the birthday boy or girl to choose from. Did you make your pick? Complete your reservation. We'll welcome the birthday boy or girl with his or her friends with open arms in our indoor play paradise!

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