Monkey Town Valkenswaard

Fancy a fun day out? Come play, climb and clamber in the best indoor play paradise in Valkenswaard! The spectacular attractions are for children from 0 to 12 years old. Make your way through the large playground equipment and slide down at the highest point of our Zebra or Giraffe slide. The separate toddler area with a ball pit, mini trampolines, slides and large soft Lego blocks is specially designed for the little ones up to and including the age of 4. & nbsp; In addition to free admission, parents and supervisors also have the option of using free Wi-Fi and an extensive catering industry and a lovely seat. Will we see you soon?

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Pastoor Heerkensdreef 15
5552 BG Valkenswaard
+31 040-2047255
Monkey Town
  • Reserveren free wifi
  • Reserveren slides
  • Reserveren food and drinks
  • Reserveren free parking
  • Reserveren toddler morning
  • Reserveren laser games
  • Reserveren ball pit
  • Reserveren highchair
  • Reserveren halal food
  • Reserveren wheelchair friendly entrance
  • Reserveren children's parties
  • Reserveren trampolines
  • Reserveren gluten free
  • Reserveren healthy food

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Monkey Town


Ready, set, GO! Laser gaming with your friends in our Laser Jungle !! That makes your visit even more fun! Step into the dark arena with your friends, which is illuminated by real disco lighting and spots. Together with your team you try to take out the other team. How do you do that? Armed with a laser gun, you sneak past the obstacles and aim the laser gun at your opponents. Did you and your team eliminate the other team within the time of approximately 10 minutes and thus achieve the most points? Congratulations you have won !!

For children from 6 years and up. Get your ticket at the bar or register.

It's possible as add-on with your children's party (see step 3 during the reservation proces)

Monkey Town

Monkey Town Kids TV

We bring Monkey Town to your home with this new television serie. The main characters are the populair Roger the Adventurer, Joris (know from 'De Verdwenen Pakjesboot') en of course our one and only mascotte Oehlie. Oehlie, Roger and Joris have mad days in Monkey Town. They play games, dance and sing. They also give children fun (and sometimes educative) assignments.

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Kids gift card

This fun gift card is for sale at Albert Heijn, Primera and Bruna. It makes a great gift and you'll be able to decide what amount you'd like to store on the card. Come and play with your friends at Monkey Town Valkenswaard!

Queues during crowded days:

On crowded days (like during school vacations and holidays), waiting lines can be expected. In order to get in, other guest first need to leave. We're only allowed to let in a certain amount of guests. Safety first! Unfortunately we cannot communicate waiting lines on our website or social media channels. A waiting line can disappear just as quick as it appreared.

Monkey Town

School trip at Monkey Town Valkenswaard

Do not want to be dependent on the weather? Plan a school trip to Monkey Town! Climbing and jumping around with your classmates. Jumping on trampolines, climbing through tunnels, go from slides as fast as you can. All that playing makes you hungry! Check our special arrangements and make reservations for your school trip

For more information, give us a call at +31 (0)40-2047255 or send us an e-mail to

Monkey Town

Celebrate your Children's party at Monkey Town Valkenswaard

Where better to celebrate your children's party than at Monkey Town? Climb all day and clamber and feast on all the goodies with your friends! We have put together various packages especially for the birthday job that you can choose from. Have you made a choice? Simply make the reservation final and we will soon see the birthday job with his or her friends in our indoor playground!

Please note we only grant access to complete groups.


Our new video clip!


Wow! Monkey Town and MiniDisco have a special gift just for you! It's their new song available on CD and Spotify. The video clip can be watched on YouTube. Come and sing along and dance!

Oehlie himself is dancing too! The CD is available for just € 6,95 at Monkey Town. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our video!


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See our menu

We've got some delicious snacks and sandwhiches! Take a look at our menu.

Please note that during school vacations our menu is adjusted accordingly to limit the amount of time waiting

If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please let us know at the register.

Why Monkey Town is the best playground
  • open 7 days per week
  • free entrance for parents and adult supervision
  • Special toddler morning, entrance fee € 4,95 (conditions apply)
  • Free parking
  • Free Wifi
  • Cool dance floor
  • A train, for all children up to 5 years, rides 3 timer per day
Oehlie savings card

Save for free extra's. Ask for our free Oehlie savings card at the register.

Queues at busy days

During busy days (like school vacations), waiting lines can occur. If that's the case, guests need to leave before new guest can enter. We are only allowed a certain amount of guests in Monkey Town.

Safety is our first priority. Unfortunately we cannot let our customers know, on our website or social media channels, whenever there's a waiting line. A waiting line can easily disappear just as it appeared.

Our new video clip!

Wow! Monkey Town and MiniDisco have a special gift just for you! It's their new song available on CD and Spotify. The video clip can be watched on YouTube. Come and sing along and dance!

Oehlie himself is dancing too! The CD is available for just € 6,95 at Monkey Town. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our video!

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New activities

Keep an eye on our website!

We'll promote our activities every month.


Keep an eye on our website!

We'll promote our sales every month.

Don't miss out on them!

Book extras at children's parties
  • Muffins/donuts/decorate wafels
  • Party cake
  • Laser games
  • Table decorating with Oehlie
  • Cool Oehlie cup
  • Oehlie frisbee
  • Oehlie button
  • Oehlie candy bag
  • Healthy snacks
Toddler zone

Our special Toddler Zone is surrounded by soft mats, sponge-like LEGO blocks, a ball pit, mini trampoline and a cool giraffe slide. Toddlers can discover an entire Monkey Town world with a lot of bright colors!

The entrance fee for toddlers up to 3 years is € 4,95. Only valid on weekdays, before 11.30 am. Not valid during school vacations or holidays.

Monkey town socks

Don't forget to bring your socks when you come and play. For hygenic purposes it's now allowed to play barefooted. Also, don't use any of the slides with your bare feet. We don't want you to come to a sudden stop because of your bare feet while sliding. When the weather is nice, please be sure to wear longer short so you won't get any blisters. Safety first at Monkey Town!

Forgot to bring your socks? No problem! We sell socks at a reasonable price at the register.

10 ride ticket

A real fan of Monkey Town and visiting our indoor play paradise a couple of time per year? With our 10 ride ticket you'll be able to come and play for just € 59,00.

Below you'll find all the pro's of our 10 ride ticket:

  • Valid in every Monkey Town
  • Not bounded by a single person
  • No expiration date
  • Is your 10 ride ticket full? Extend it immediatly at the register for just € 55,00

With the 10 ride ticket you'll be saving € 20,50! Don't forget, parents and adult supervisors always have a free entrance.

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